Datastream Limit on Plus plans

Hi guys,

since you announced your new pricing model I find conflicting information about datastream limits per template.
On your pricing site, there’s a limit of 20 streams in Plus plans where’s here it says 80 streams.

Could you clarify? 20 datastreams would be insufficient for most of my projects.

Thank you!

The website shows the limits that will apply to any subscription that is taken-out on or after 16th October.
The documentation shows the current limits, for subscriptions takes-out before 16th October.


Man, they are really ruining it for the advanced private user :frowning:





With the new pricing plan, Blynk reduces the number of data streams for the plus plan from 80 to 20 for the same price as the old price. This is an incomprehensible and huge step backwards. My second home is going to be sold and I want to transfer the system and the account to the new owner. This does not appear to be possible because the e-mail address cannot be changed in the plus plan account. If I create a new account for the new owner and create a new authenfication key for each device and therefore also have to recreate the app templates, because copying is not possible and so with the new pricing plan I get completely stuck due to the reduction of the number of data streams and widget restrictions. As a private user of Blynk, I find myself in an impossible situation to still be able to use the system. Switching to a business plan is impossible due to the huge price difference. For hobbyists and private users it is made almost impossible to use Blynk anymore. The plus plan is significantly reduced and the switch to a business plan is far too big.
Please Blynk make it possible to change the E-mail address and give the possibility to purchase more datastreams as a possible solution.


I have a Plus-plan since 2022. Do I understand well that I’ll keep the 80 datastreams per template and that the reduction to 20 datastreams per template is for new users only?

Hi @Carlimero ,

Yes, you will have the old limits if you do not change your plan to another.

Dmitriy from Blynk