Datastream editor : name too long


when cloning a datastream, the string ’ copy’ is merged to the name of the datastream model to build the new datastream name

in my case datastreams names are not important since they are not shown in my end-user application

when cloning 20 or more datastreams, the maximum name length of 128 char can be rapidly reached but there is no warning : ‘save and apply’ then fails with an error message but without pointing to the datastreams in error so, it is a hard work to find and rename datastreams

could the string length ot the datastream name be expanded, or the clone naming strategy be revised, or an alert be sent when name length exceeds limit ?

thanks a lot



Thanks for the report. We will consider this issue.


In this case, the copy function is set by default. You can create a new datastream and continue copying.


Thank you for your answer but it is still not very clear to me on how to avoid string name length error on widget copies, without manually renaming the datasets ?

When the length of the name in copies reaches the maximum. Create a new datastream with a new name (for example ‘Test’) and continue copying from the new one.