Data Visualization/Analytics Widget

This is obviously a huge ask, but I would love to see a simplified widget for connecting Blynk to a cloud IoT data logging/visualization service (There are a buttload out there… Particle dashboard, IBM watson IoT, azure, keen, thingspeak, etc), or even an in-house Blynk dashboard. There are a few semi-wonky ways of getting it done at the moment, but they’re all a massive pain in the ass… Definitely a wide open opportunity for a business that’s carved the easiest path for getting the devices/data online in the first place… hint hint wink wink :sunglasses:


I second this motion! Totally agree that having Blynk easily tie into a service like Azure would be a huge addition to the platform. This is why I still have to use Temboo.

Does anything like this exist in the product roadmap?

It’s a great question.
I think it will be inevitable at some point. Of course we would like to develop our own solution which is good enough to compete, but at some point it’s inevitable we would need to integrate.

How do yo you use them?

@Dmitriy please also comment

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Hello Pavel - thanks for the quick reply! I just built my first project with Blynk which is a controller for managing a rain collection tank. The tank integrates with my sprinkler system and the controller manages switching the tank back and forth from rain water to city water. There is a freshwater override feature in case the kids want to run through the sprinklers and there is also an option to “dump” the overflow water on the side street or to dump it by running the front sprinklers (ground is higher there). I have another project that I use Temboo for (not yet Blynk - perhaps later when I get some more time!) but that project is a very comprehensive HVAC management system that allows the temperature in each room to be controlled separately and controls all HVAC equipment down to room ceiling fans. I use Temboo to send data like “time to setpoint by room” , system cycle times, total daily run time, system operation level (i.e. stage 1, stage 2) and other data to Azure.

Also, my company develops IOT solutions and data logging is always critical to our projects - especially at the prototype phase.



We plan to update our data logging functionality. Not the logging itself, it’s ready, but the mobile interface part.
Since you are alredy using other tools we’d be happy to hear your feedback about what is really needed by company like yours and by maker like you.