Data not stored if using Automation to forward data

I’ve an ESP32 collecting voltage data via a sensor. Let’s call it ESP32_1. This data is stored on a datastream (volt_1) and can be accessed on a device (Device_1) within the Blynk IoT 2.0 app. It is updated every second. When the data values changes, it is forwarded to a second ESP32 (ESP32_2) via an automation, onto a new datasteam (volt_2).

When I try to plot the forwarded datastream in a SuperChart in Device_2 it only displays when on the Live setting. As soon as any other x-axis setting is used (15min, 30min, etc), the Y-axis and curve disappears.

I’ve made sure that the datastreams volt_1 and volt_2 is set to Save Raw Data.

Below are some more details about the settings.

Virtual pin V0 on Device_1 for data volt_1 to be forwarded via automation:

Virtual pin V3 on Device_2 for storing forwarded data:

I’ve tried re-adding the datastreams and making sure the settings are all good. But I can’t seem to get it working. Although it says it is saving the raw data, it looks like it is not and only able to display, in the SuperChart, the Live data.