Data logs on local server are (almost) blank

Hi everybody,

as I have written a new sketch to log the soil moisture of my avocado I saw that the log files in the data folder of my local server all seem to be almost empty. The oldest dates they hold is 12th dec. around 1 o’clock.
I upgraded directly after the release to server 0.20.1.

I have a few esp’s in my project of which some still share the same token.
Any idea where my files went?

And another question:
How can I find the logs of a second device in my project?
As I now have a V0, V1… for every device I do not see another .csv file for my second device.


I guess it could be something regarding the way you start the Local Server…not sure… Which command do you use to start it?
This one java -jar server-0.20.1.jar -dataFolder /path or something like java -jar server-0.20.1.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/BlynkData ?

You should create a folder like the example (BlynkData) to keep your data inside

Hello. First thing - in case you have multiple devices it is better to use separate token for every device. Devices with same token considered as 1 device. Also what log files in data folder do you mean?

These are the logs I’m talking about:

This is the line of my crontab that start the server on startup:

I will change my project so that every device has it’s own token as this wasn’t possible until now.
I never had any problems reading these files until now.

Did you change your sketch recently?

Yeah, I did.

Are those files cleared when I change the sketch?

And once again, if I have multiple devices with multiple tokens how are the files named then?


Please try to download again and give it a new run does it fixes issue?

Ok, I will download the server file and try.

I will also delete all files as they were created by an old server version and don’t have the “dashID-deviceID” name layout.

I’ll let you know how it went.

hmm, here are the newly created files now in the /blynk/data folder.
It looks to me that the naming is buggy though:

Oops. I did a typo. Please try again this

Thank you @Dmitriy

Seems to be working now!
I disconnected the devices using the same token as the “master device”.
Reprogramming them now.

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