Data logging


At this point we have 2 systems up and running. We have a free plan atm. I was wondering if data logging is possible and how.

If we get a paid plan, are we then able to log the data every 15 minutes automatically?

Thank you in advance!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “data logging”.
All of the plans are capable of storing data on the Blynk server, but the subscriptions limit the duration of the data storage, and whether raw or aggregated values are stored.

Maybe if you could elaborate on the question then you’d get a more meaningful answer.


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Hi Pete!,

Thank you for the reply.

We have 2 systems running. We are recieving 3 temperture values from 3 sensors. At specific setpoints 6 fans will turn on.

We want to log the temperature values and store it. This way we want to make the temperature differences visual in for example a chart.

In the best case this should be all automatically

It happens “automatically” when data is written to a virtual pin.
Data is stored for 1 week with the basic plan, 3 months for the Plus plan, and 12 months for the Pro and White Label plans.

This info is available on the website…


It is.

If you send less than 1 value per data stream per minute per device - free plan should be just fine for you.

I’m running a Python program I wrote on a Raspberry Pi with four DS18b20 temp sensors. Once a minute the four temperatures are sent to the Blynk server. So yes, this is entirely doable.

AFA “technical stuff” the Blynk update statement is very simple: The 3 (or 4) is the pin number and there’s a one second pause between the updates…

blynk.virtual_write(3, “%.1f” % temp1)

blynk.virtual_write(4, “%.1f” % temp2)

Hey man, you should be able to afford Blynks “White Label” pricing plan when growing ganja! :smiley: :joy: :wink:

I’m not sure a 1 second delay is advisable in your statement…

Thanks people for all the reply’s!

With some testing we got it working! Thanks:)