Dashboard login problem


First of all, sorry if I’m posting in a wrong place,
But I didn’t find where I can ask.

I can’t access to my Blynk account ( dashboard)
but I my apps can connect with my login.

When I use the “forgot password” it do not send anything on my mail box.
any information, to fix that, or at least where to ask if it’s not the right place.


Have you checked the SPAM folder ?


yes, I checked but nothing even there.

It could stack below your sign up / invitation email.
Check there please.

Nothing anywhere,
I did a search on my outlook mail board
nothing anywhere.

It’s strange I can receive mails from Blynk staf,
as Mariia, or the Auth token confirmation…

Cannot reproduce with my account and Gmail mailbox.
Got the new standalone Reset your password email instantly.

Sorry I’m not sure I understood.
You mean you tried and had your reset password, right?

If yes, that’s why I’m totally lost,
obviously, my account is ok,
while I can acces with my blynk app to the account.
then why I can access to the dashboard with the same ID and password… ( the actual one)

Mark, are you from the staff ?
you can’t check from the backside?

Are you allowing your browser or password manager to auto-fill your email address?
If so, have you checked to ensure that it has no leading or trailing spaces?


nop, I’m typing manually.
I have this problem since a moment,
I mean few month, I tried all possibilities I could.
Thats why my last way to scream help is here.

I didnt find any way to contact the Blynk staf…

Okay, lets cover some of the basics, as some of what you’ve written could be interpreted multiple ways.

  1. What version of the Blynk app are you using, and is it the Android or iOS version?

  2. When you refer to the “Dashboard” that you can’t log in to, are you meaning the web console at https://blynk.cloud/

  3. Are you running any VPN software on either your phone or your PC ?

  4. In the app’s “About” screen, is the email address that you see next to “Account:” the same one that you are using to log in to the web console?

  5. In the app’s “Billing” screen, what does it say next to “PLAN”, “DEVICES” and “USERS” ?


One more question that’s pretty close to question 3: did you move to another location/region?

Hi Pete, Hi Mark,

  • Blynk version : 2.27.32
  • Android Version : 6.0
  • Yes, I’m talking about the blynk.cloud when I talk about the dashboard.
  • No VPN or any kind of proxy netheir on phone or PC.
  • Absolutely, the same E-mail
  • the last question, I don’t know where is this screen.

additional question, yes I moved, but long time ago now, 7 years,
I had acces to my account previously, I mean here in my new location.

this problem happened let say, maybe few month ago without any obvious reason.

Thanks for your attention,

This is the Legacy version of the app, so you currently have a Legacy account.

There is no connection between Blynk Legacy and Blynk IoT.
The web console is part of the Blynk IoT product, so trying to use Legacy credentials to log into the web console will never work.

If you want to use Blynk IoT then you need to sign-up for an IoT account and choose a subscription plan. You’ll then need to create new projects in Blynk IoT, as there is no automated method to migrate from Legacy to IoT.


Let me make it clear in my mind
( you probably noticed, English is not my native language)

the app I use actually is the old release, I noticed that.
to be honest I was affraid to upgrade and lose what I did.
So, if I follow what you told me, the old account is not avalable anymore,
thats why I can’t connect.

The good way, is signing up a new account, and upgrade the app
then everything will be good.

Am right?

Thanks again for your time guys.

You can use both the Legacy app and the new IoT app alongside each other, but the systems that they log in to are totally separate.
Eventually, the Legacy system will be retired.

The Blynk Legacy system has only ever worked with an app as the user interface. There is no Legacy web console.

You can’t connect to the Legacy system with the IoT web console because, as I just explained, they are totally different and separate systems and are not connected in any way.

Blynk IoT has both an app and web console, so when you create an IoT account your new IoT system will be accessible via both the new app and the web console.


Ok, I guess I understood.

Pete, many thanks.