Dashboard link fails to get over "Connecting" stage

I experience from from Chrome /PC problems when trying to connect to the Dashboard.
I can see he Blynk.cc bit when trying to Login the “Connecting circle” turns endlessly.
It used to work last week…
Do you have issues from a server in Germany?

@Y3G hello. No known issues so far. What url do you try to open? What does the browser console shows?

Do you mean Blynk.cloud ?


It was blynk.cloud though I tried from the login page of the blynk landing page. In either cases I could not enter from work (German server).
You can close this issue, because from the mobile chrome it works.

Probably the firewall is blocking the traffic.


@Y3G It would be nice if you could share the browser console, maybe it could give us some clues. Unless this is known firewall issue.

If you mean the by “console” the Chrome browser, that’s a yes.

I tried with the microsoft e-explorer but you write you don’t support it.
when I go to your first landing page, everything works (starts with the add movie of yours),
When I press login, then I get this picture…not moving on…
I will check with my IT.

Edge is supported.

I mean this - How to Open the Browser Console on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge