Dashboard changes, widgets vanish and appear for no apparent reason

Some of the widgets on my dashboard disappeared. It appears something is going on with the server.
I had a fully populate dashboard with widgets and I noticed that some of the widgets that were on desktop were no longer present. I powered off and on my iPhone and after that I only had one widget on the dashboard.
I tried placing new widgets on the dashboard to duplicate what I had, but on my LCD widget I couldn’t choose the same virtual pins because they were busy. Where ever the original LCD widget went it was still tied to those virtual pins. I finally got a dashboard nearly the same as I had, though it wasn’t functioning properly, so I logged out of BLYNK and back on and then the original dashboard, the one that I lost, appeared. I was going to try the dashboard with my circuitry, but when brought the Blynk dashboard up the dashboard had changed again.

Are you sure you had internet connection at that moment?

Yes; I had a connection.
At the moment I don’t have any stability or reliability in the dashboard. Right at the moment the LCD widget is on my dashboard, which is part of my original dashboard but it disapears frequently and the virtual pins that were tied to it show that they’re still busy. I had a tab bar on the desktop with 4 items and now I have a tab with only two items, one of which is not an item that I designated. On the original dashboard three of the tabs took me a push button on their respective dashboard pages, but since the tab bar is no longer the same the buttons are also gone.
Prior to all of this stuff, the dashboard and software seemed to be working pretty well.

Is that iOS? It seems like tabs bug we had.

Yes; it’s IOS I have an iPhone 5.

We did a fix many days ago, but at them moment having problem with publishing to store. We hope issue will be resolved in few weeks. Sorry for inconveniences.

So I won’t be able to get the functionality back until then?
I just created a slightly different dashboard that seemed to have some functionality, but I didn’t fully test it.
I did not put the LCD widget back because the virtual pins show still being busy so I can’t choose the same virtual pins. Just to see if what I created was going to remain, I logged out of Blynk and then back on and as I feared the dashboard changed and now has an LCD widget. That widget is tied to the pins that show being busy whether there’s a widget present or not.

@Drcottrell Please check this issue with the most recent Blynk version from the AppStore.
In case if it will be still reproducible - let us know and we will investigate more (also just in case remove previous version of Blynk before new one installation).