D1 Mini and bluetooth

Hi, Im a new Blynk user. I’m using a Wemos D1 mini. My project is using neopixels controlled from a distance for a theatre production. I can get things working fine through wifi but can’t find an libraries or examples of doing the same thing through bluetooth. I’d like to know if bluetooth is available for this board and if anyone could point me to an example that’d be great. Thanks

The D1 Mini does not have any Bluetooth hardware built-in.

You would have to add a BT adaptor such as the HC-05 or move to a board that has BT built-in such as the ESP32.

However, this worries me:

BT range is very short, and the functionality of BT within Blynk is limited compared to a conventional Wi-Fi setup. Personally, I’d stick with Wi-Fi.

There’s also the issue of licencing for Blynk. If the theatre is a commercial venture - making money to pay rent, salaries etc then you would probably be breaking the Ts&Cs for the free version of Blynk.

Can I use Blynk App commercially?

NO. Blynk apps for iOS and Android can’t be used commercially .

Blynk takes automated measures to track and detect such activity. Any account that is suspected for commercial use can be deactivated immediately without a prior notice. We provide no warranty and no liability for any losses caused by stopping of your account and associated business or commercial use.

To use Blynk commercially, you need an active subscription to any plan listed on this page.

Any other commercial use is considered as violation of Terms And Conditions


Thanks for the speedy and comprehensive reply Pete. I should have said, it’s a non commercial youth theatre production that my daughter is in and I’m helping out in a voluntary capacity. I’ll look to getting another board. Thanks again.