Custom Widget Thumbnail

I recently downloaded the Blynk server and looked in the .jar for widget class files. I see there is an image.class file in with the ui widgets. cc/blynk/server/core/model/widgets/ui
Is this the beginnings of an Image widget? If so is there any way to turn it on in a local server?
I am working with a older friend who has a dust collection system for his woodshop. It would be nice to have images of his equipment with buttons near each for controlling gates in the collection system. Images would be easier to identify than the small text on the buttons.

@GeorgeA Your request is somewhat different then a Image Widget (basically a viewer for displaying statics image files, much like the current Video Widget).

What you are looking at is similar to a custom emoji or similar idea for displaying small thumbnails in a standard widget like Button. So I moved your post into it’s own Idea Topic.



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The way I had thought of this was to have an image of a tablesaw behind a button. That could be the background of the button or just displayed behind or above the button. Another option would be to have a background image. All the various machines could be displayed and buttons added on top of the image in the appropriate locations.
I also have a solar hot water system that can heat my floor, two different hot water tanks or go to a heat dump. The very old Macintosh control system has a background image with the piping, valves, pumps, solar panels, water tanks… Temperatures and valve settings are displayed in the appropriate place.

I have no idea if the developers are even looking into widget level imagery, but until they do, you can use what keyboard emojis are already availed in most Android and iOS devices