Custom server: raspberrypi.local?

A simple question that I do not know if it will be answered… I was wondering why the blynk app does not connect to local server with raspberrypi.local address when https://raspberrypi.local:9443 work on android chrome? Is it possible to implement this feature?

Please and thank you!

Did you try IP adress instead of local one ?
maybe due to DNS or something like that.

Yes. IP certainly works. If it is a DNS problem, why am I able to connect via chrome?

This is a wild-ass guess:

  • When you’re connected to your home WiFi, Chrome uses the DNS provided by your router which is intelligent enough identify a local address (and route it accordingly).

  • Android apps always use Google’s DNS-servers by default ( and

I don’t think it’s a feature easily implemented :thinking:

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okay! thank you :slight_smile: