Custom Icons?

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I see many post (like this one : Blynk video streaming success! ) with what it seems to be custom icons ?

How do they achieve that ?

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they are Emoji characters

Thanks guys !

So, Can I add other emojis that those already on my phone ?

Ultimately, Can I creat a custom emoji and add it on my phone ?

No and No… what is already in the phone’s OS is what you get. The unicodes are just another way of displaying them (in a Display Widget) from your programming as compared to entering from the KB.

I think the answer is yes and yes.

If you add some of the different keyboards available for your smartphone OS they come with emoji packs.

If you create your own emoji you can contact the “smartphone authorities” and ask for it to be added to thousands that are currently available. Unless it’s a fantastic emoji that “everyone” will want they will probably turn you down, but possible in theory.

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OK… maybe and maybe… may be :stuck_out_tongue: a better answer

But I suspect the OP was thinking of something similar to using code for custom designed bitmaps with matrix displays.

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Thanks and thanks =p

Indeed, I wish I could draw my own icons.
But still, downloading others emojis from other keyboards is a solution !

Thanks guys.

You can use Image Gallery widget and add your own icons

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Thanks @Pavel but I do need a button.

Since we cant click (yet? =P) on a widget button…