Custom app on top of Blynk server

I could not find a post in relation to this, so hopefully this is not a dupe.

I was wondering if there is a way to use Blynk server as a proxy between my app and my devices. Basically the current Blynk model but just replacing the Blynk app with one of my own. Reason I want/need to create my own is because Blynk does not support the language I need (Spanish) and I don’t know if/when the app will be localized.

My current design architecture is based on Azure services and I ma/was planning to create the app using React Native. If helping localize it represents a better/cheaper solution I am up for that.

Thanks in advance!

We localize apps tor business customers as a part of the Business Plan outlined here:

Oh nice!

I’ll take a look and reply back.