Curious about SQL and

I have noticed the log file logs/postgres.log complaining about “ file not found” and “Separate DB storage disabled”, and i think the idea of having blynk logging to SQL sounds pretty interesting but I haven’t found any documentation on the subject.

What am I missing?
How can I setup a connection from blynk to SQL (postgres) and what will this achieve?

Hello, Why would you need DB? What is your goal?

To be honest I don’t have a set goal :slight_smile:

But logging various values to the DB and then having other systems pick them up and act accordingly is one idea. I know CSV is possible but not as elegant.

If you know of any system that can act on status from blynk in any manner Im very interested :slight_smile:

I´d also like to take the time to thank you for this awesome project, It´s made it possible for me to take simple tasks, make them complicated with electronics and then making them simple again with blynk and learning tons on the way.

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There is also http api for that.

You can easily integrate any 3-d party system with WebHook widget. No coding and no any setup :wink:.


In general we have no instruction for DB as it is hard for many users. Every additional instruction decreases 2 times the chance that user will setup server :slight_smile:. So we made as simple as it could be.

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Thank you!

What is the current status for Push Notifications when running local blynk servern and using iOS devices. Still a no go?
(I understand this has been an apple problem and not blynk problem).

Still no go. This is apple issue. Not ours. We can’t do nothing here :frowning:.

But it works if I use your blynk server?

Yes. If you mean Blynk cloud - yes.

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Oki doki, thanks.
I guess I will have a look at the e-mail feature instead :slight_smile:

You can also use email->sms via your operator. SMS notification for important alert?

Nope, they stopped surrporting that years ago :frowning:

Wouldn’t it be possible to route the notifications from my blynk server to blynk cloud and then to apple? Or maybe that goes against 50 apples contract-rules?

Use a general email to SMS gateway, they are pretty cheap as long as you are not receiving dozens of messages per day.

This is possible. You are welcome to contribute :wink:

You wouldn’t want my code trust me, but if I could donate to the project and make a feature request at the same time i´d be more than happy :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, would apple charge to per notification or is it a fixed fee per year or something like that?

It is free.