CSV file retrieving

I have two questions relevant to server:

  1. is it possible to retrieve the CSV file of my projects from the Blynk server, in order to perform post processing thru e.g. Excel ?

  2. is it possible to use the same account for projects that use Blynk server and for projects that use local server ? Or have I to use an account for projects based on Blynk server an another account devoted to projects based on local server ?

Thank you indeed


Do you mean exactly project structure? Or data that you send to app?


I refer to a project in which a sensor is sending data to the app thru the Blynk server.
I’d like to have access / retieve the file in which data & time stamps are memorized.
In a topic I have read that the Blynk server saves the last 1000 data.

@Gianca you can get data from local server. Any value you send via server is stored. There is no limitation for 1000 values anymore. See for more details.

Blynk Cloud doesn’t have this feature at the moment. By the way - what type of data processing do you need?

I will collect data (acceleration, tilting and velocity - obtained from an MPU6050 sensor) for a period of about 1 year. Data are memorized with a frequency of 1 every 15 minutes. I just need to graph them on a computer monitor thru a program like Excel or equivalent.

@Gianca doesn’t History Graph widget fits your needs? It does exactly what you need. All you need to do is

Blynk.virtualWrite(pin, value);

And value will be automatically stored.

Or you need graph exactly on a computer?

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History Graph is not suitable. It’s too small and doesn’t allow a good interpretation and analysis of the phenomena. I need a large graph with the possibility e.g. to select a portion of time domain.
So, I have decided to use a local server. Do you confirm that I have to register a separate account ?
Thanks for your time and attention !

@Gianca you could set up a PHP script to collect the data from Blynk’s cloud server at regular intervals and create the graphs from the data.

@Gianca I see…


@Pavel big graphs…

Hi Costas,
Which is the system to collect the data from Blynk’s cloud server. Actually this was my first question of this topic.

@Gianca you need the RESTful API offered by Blynk. Some details at and additional details here on the Community pages.

Thank you indeed!

Or you need go to local server and just download .csv file :slight_smile:

Good and free system to collect data via GET -google docs.

@Gdemon what do you do when you come in from the pub to find the server is no longer local :slight_smile:

Can you please send me a link to the supplier for free servers that run on fresh air.

so far, it’s still free:

@Dave1829 and they provide local servers?

things like regression modelling & multivariate analysis require data, not pretty pictures :slight_smile:

no, just .CSV files when i get home from the pub :wink:

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“Local server” - any hardware or VPS with running local Blynk server. Go for dataFolder and get your .csv.

Or run script on google docs for save data from your get-requests and you can analize you data online. Free.

Thanks to everybody for your support !! Now everything is working fine !!