CSV feauture in Blynk

Hello, I want to ask something about export csv using blynk
When I tried the feature, it turned out that the feature was fetching data every minute, can the data be retrieved every second? or can only retrieve data every minute?

I’m not sure if you’re referring to Blynk Legacy, or Blynk 2.0
I’ll describe how it works in Legacy, but I guess that Blynk 2.0 is very similar.

It doesn’t matter how frequently you write data to the Blynk server, the server caches the received data then once per minute it averages the data received over the past minute and writes the result to the database.

This means that even if you only send zeros and ones to Blynk, you may see values of 0.5 in your reported data, as it’s an average of the one minute values.

In addition, every hour the last 60 one minute averages are written to the database to give one hour averages, which are used in SuperChart when selecting 1 week or greater timescale views.

So, the data you are seeing in your CSV report is the highest granularity that is available within the Blynk server database.


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thank you for the explanation it can help me in working on my project

Blynk 2.0 supports “raw” data (every value you send is stored). Under the PLUS / PRO plan.

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