CSV & database question

Hi again
I use the SuperChart widget and i export the results to csv file and i noticed that in this csv file there are some of the results of the sensor and some which i have never see exactly in the Blynk app.
What happens in this data base exactly?
Maybe,should i make my one Data Base ,because i use virtual pins…as i have read in github?

More details please.

The problem is that i wait to see logically all the values of the sensor in the csv file,instead of this,i notice fewer values or some values that are close to what i expected but not exactly that .

This means that minimum graph update interval is 1 minute for 1h and 6h periods. 1 hour for 1d and 1w periods. 1 day for 1m and 3m periods. As Blynk Cloud is free to use we have a limit on how many data you can store. At the moment Blynk Cloud accepts 1 message per minute per pin. In case you send your data more frequently your values will be averaged. For example, in case you send value 10 at 12:12:05 and than again 12 at 12:12:45 as result in history graph you’ll see value 11 for 12:12.

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