Credits Charge not showing up

Hi I bought 5000 credits and my device is only show up 2000

how long will it take ?

Log out and back in to see if that helps.

No Change… thanks for the suggestion

Normally immediately.

Do you just have one Blynk account?

Was the charge confirmed to you by Google Play email?

Is that Android? Are money was charged from your card? Please send me your mail.

Same problem here. I paid for 13,000 energy credits, but they’re not showing up in the Blynk app. My credit card statement shows the $9.99 charge from Apple was processed on January 4th. Tried logging out and back into my account, but no change.

Please PM me the details

Yes I have a confirmation from google Play, I bought with store credit, then logged into my iOS device and my android device both still showing 2000,

Hey Eugene not seeing a PM feature on this board, would be happy to sort out, how can I PM you?

Click the avatar.

man, just click on his avatar image and there is a big “message” button…

hey thanks for the quick replies, don’t see any message buttons

think that’s because you are a new user, try again now.

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Thanks Blink guys for the quick account and getting this sorted out.