Creating log file using Blynk app for ESP32


• Hardware model: DOIT ESP32 devkit V1
• Smartphone OS: Android 10
• Blynk Library version : 0.6.1

  • Computer OS: Windows 10

I’m a beginner, I’m working on a project to turn on and off an LED using my phone (android OS). I’m using a DOIT ESP32 devkit V1 board which I connected to an LED. I’m using Blynk app which controls the board via Wifi. I’m programming the board using Arduino IDE 1.8.13 with Blynk library 0.6.1
I want to collect data from the board (e.g. when did I turned on the lamp, when did the board exceeded temp of 70 deg, etc) and store it on my computer (windows 10 OS) or phone (I prefer to store it on my computer, but I want to be able to keep updating the log even if my comp is powered off)

I’ve tried reading online, and I’ve read that I somehow can use Blynk server, but didn’t exactly understood how it works. I’de appreciate it if someone could explain to me or refer me to some reading materials about how does this Blynk server works? How can I create a Blynk server and make the board to send info to it which will be saved to my computer? Is there any better way to do it?

Thank you.

When using WiFi, your app communicates with the Blynk server and your ESP32 also communicates with the Blynk server. In this case it sounds like you’re using the Blynk cloud servers.

The data is stored on the server, not on your phone or your computer.
The data can be viewed on your phone, probably using the SuperChart widget.
You can download the data to your PC in .CSV format, but with the cloud servers this history download is limited to around 10 days of data. The historical data is still visible in Superchart beyond 10 days (I have some going back two and a half years), it’s just that you can’t download it past 10 days.


Thank you for your answer. How can I download the data to my PC in .CSV format? Can I make it download the data automatically every day for example, if my computer is on? Thank you.

Look at the Reports widget.