Creating automation condition

I think Automation condition need to be improved.
For example if I want to receive notification of garage opened or closed. I need to set a way where value of datastream is 1 and on change . I mean to say I should receive notification only when Garage is opened or closed. Now I can add automation condition on value change or certain value that will notify constantly.
So we need a condition like
On change and when value =1 notify “Garage is closed”
On change and when value =0 notify “Garage is open”


I’d suggest use coding instead of automation in this case.

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I just tested more and realized Automation does work as expected. It sends the notification only once when the value changes. So, I wrote separate notifications on value 1 and value 0. This is a great way of sending notification instead of code.
I was confused with the time limit value shown in App. I thought it will send the notification every minute. But that’s not the case.

That’s right, automation works once only when the condition is met.

Not always. Coding will give you more options.

The limit period prevents multiple executions of an automation within the limit period duration, beginning from when the last trigger occurred.