Create zones or frontiers around group of widgets

It would be nice to be able to create coloured frontiers around or coloured backgrounds of widgets in a dashboard page to create zones.

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You can already change the colour of the widgets. You could use a single colour for a certain group of them on the dash.

Grouping is on the to-do list. Working on UX for that.


Second the motion for boundary/grouping.

Jamin suggested that you could pick your colour and use that as a ‘group’ indicator, which would certainly work in some scenarios, but the colours are useful for indicating status E.G. red, amber, green, which would break that linking.

On the other hand having a boundary/group thing going on, with a property that’s real-time changeable would be useful too. If you’ve got a group of sensor outputs that have values beyond preset thresholds, for example, then being able to pragmatically change the colour of the boundary, or make if flash, as well as being able to select the default values when building the app, would be a useful feature.