Create Blynk server in ubuntu VPS

Hi guys
first of all thank you for your great work, blynk gets better and better every day.
today i decided to run my own blynk server on cloud VPS (ubuntu 16.04) instead of local with port forwarding, after installing it says successfully installed and local ip is 111,222,333,444:9443 (for example) my vps ip is something else like(999.888.777.444).
so the question is how can i manage to can access the server using my vps ip?

Same way you did for whatever prior LS & router you had… assuming you had one that is. Just use your VPS IP & whatever forwarding/redirection it offers, if necessary - 9443 in the App, 8080 in the sketch.

App and sketch changes

@Dmitriy I believe the visable port in the App screenshots, in the GitHub docs, is wrong.

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Thank you gunner I build the server and it works perfectly, so my vps server ip is (myip) and i can access to blynk server using (myip).
I have another question now :slight_smile:
can i use api with my new blynk server ?
I ask this question because when tested the code like (myip/Authtoken/get/V0) i got nothing from the server!
should I change something in server properties?

Sure. Default http port is 8080, so you have to use it or make port forwarding 80 -> 8080.

@Gunner yeap. Nice catch.

Thank you Dimitry,
I was testing API using postman now testing using browser API works perfectly with 8080 port

sorry to bother you again i tried to solve the problem but can not get specific answer so i’m asking here again ο™ˆ
where can i find api samples for updating widget values , most of APIs are simple(like buttons sliders , …) but some of them not for example when I use ZERGBA I get widget data like [β€œ0”,β€œ6”,β€œ87”], how should I update the widget value ?
when i send value as value=[β€œ0”,β€œ6”,β€œ87”], i get zero in app, how should i send the value correctly ?