Create app for private usage

hi there

started to develop some control of an Arduino with Blynk - it works great and is easy, even for not IT experts.

my project to control my alarm system is now ready - I can run it out of the Blynk app and it works - however, would be fantastic if I could create an app for the iPhone.

this is just for persona usage and wouldn’t want to spend 100s of dollars for licence - any chance to do this as one time payment or for a small fee?

As you’ll see from the above topic and quote, this has all been discussed before, and this isn’t the only topic where it is discussed.

Of course policies may have changed since then, but I don’t think they have.


Correct. New affordable pricing will be available after Blynk 2.0 public launch. But at the moment we don’t know when that will happen, due to a lot of requests from paying customers.

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