Create a wifi network with arduino MKR1000

Hi Guys,
i’m interested to create a wifi network with arduino MKR1000 then test the configuration here suggested:

Hardware <– BT/BLE (or WiFi via LAN) –> App <– local area network connection –> Local Server

how can i do it (from Blynk point of view… how configure it to work in this way)

thanks for your reply but the guides you suggested are for a normal configuration APP -> Internet (blynk server) -> Arduino.

I’m looking for information for do not connect the arduino to internet or to a server. I would like the following structure: Arduino <- -> wifi point to point connection <–> APP <–> internet server (blyink)
is it possible???

The App will always need to talk to a server… Blynk’s Cloud server will require the internet.

A Local Server can be used… but will still need to be in link with the App via some form of network.

The server is the primary junction between the App and Hardware in a WiFi setup, but still required for App login, even in a BT/BLE link between the App and Hardware. And some internet/network dependent Widgets will not currently work with BT/BLE link.

The guides I provided the links for are required learning, regardless of your option.