Create a user account (view only) in Plus plan


I understood that the limitation of the “Plus” plan is not possible to create sub-organizations, and the 10 users have access to all devices.

Can I create a user to just view data (all devices), without administrative privilege? When I create a new user (user or staff role) and log in to new the account, I can’t see any devices.

I’ve also tried transferring ownership of the devices to these users (not sure if this is a solution to my problem) but I’m still only accessing the devices under my admin account.

In summary, with the Plus plan I can create a user to only view my devices, I have tried several times without success.


Hello, what is your server? ny3?

Hello, yes my server is ny3.


Within a week, I think it will be known. Will it be possible for users with the user role to see the devices of the organization

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Thanks Oleksii.

Hello @thiagolc3. Please check Organization Devices permissions. Now the user with the user role should see the devices of the organization

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Hello @Oleksii-QA, it worked perfectly, thank you for your attention