Could not open port ‘COM5’: FileNotFoundError

Could not open port ‘COM5’: FileNotFoundError
• nodemcu esp8266 + relay 5V
• Blynk IoT
Message d’error

It’s a pity that you didn’t take my advice…

I’d guess that either you don’t have the necessary driver installed, the ISB cable is faulty or doesn’t include the necessary data wires, or the TTL to USB functionality of the NodeMCU has died.

As I said, its difficult to tell without ALL of the appropriate information.


I’m so sorry Mr PeteKnight I didnt see your reply
I work with nodemcu esp8266.
It was working fine and suddenly it stopped working
I used it with relay 5V + pomp 5V +Moisure Sonor
For the drivers I already Installed CH341SER and CP210
there is any method to know if NodeMCI has died ?

Try a known good NodeMCU using the same computer, USB port and USB cable and see if it’s recognised.