Could not connect to port 9443 in your network

I just created a local blynk server on my computer and it was working. When i restarted the computer it shows “could not initialise connection to the server” on the app.
Please help.

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void loop()

Of course… restarting the PC does not automatically restart your Server… you have to figure out how to do that.

Ok. i was able to do that.

But if I want to use my app and hardware outside home(where i wont have my computer) , how could i use my app and hardware?

Port forwarding for the router, possibly DNS redirect for the App and Hardware IPs and leaving the computer running of course.

can a local server be installed on the phone itself?

No, not successfully that I am aware of.

Most “portable” use cases have a RPi on battery for the Local Server and AP (WiFi access point) that both the phone and hardware connect to. Search this forum for such.

i would really appreciate if you could explain it a bit in simpler terms…

:smiley: that WAS the simple terms… learning the how-toos will require you researching port forwarding for your router type and such.

As for the DNS redirection, I use

This is why Local Server is generally considered “Expert Level” as there can be much learning involved.

:disappointed_relieved:I enabled port forwarding on port 9443. But I’m still not able to use local server outside home using cellular data.

I havent done anything for DNS though…is that the problem?
(i’m using dsl 224)

I am not very good at these portforwarding stuff though…Kindly help