Could I purchase more than 28,000 energy pack?

Hi Blynk

I am trying to do the prototype using NodeMCU and Blynk to create a remote site alarm monitoring system. Once I am success, it may applied on more than 100 sites.
Each project (i.e. each site) requires around 2,500 energy packs, however, the maximum packs I could purchase on the Apps shown is 28,000 packs, means around 11 sites could be used.

  1. Could I purchase 2nd 28,000 packs after I bought 1st?
  2. Could I have a receipt after purchasing, as I need to claim from company?

Thank you

The energy packs are individual purchases… so yes, you can purchase one or any size, get the receipt, purchase another or any size, get the receipt, purchase a third… I think you get the picture :wink:

However, if you are working on a commercial type project, then perhaps contact Blynk via their commercial page and look at their subscription offerings.