Could anyone help me with the Raspberry Pi B+ and Blynk

I have done the set up for Blynk on the RPi B+ and if I use the LXTerminal and navigate to the folder and do the run command with my token entered I can activate and deactivate the pin I want. But now I want to send information back to my phone, using the LEDs, graphs and LCD widgets.

The problem I am having is knowing how to program it, I downloaded geany on my RPi (because you can write C and C++ programs on it) but I am new at that and I have tried running a blink the virtual pin LEDs, but it is made more for the Arduino so somethings are not being detected and when I google these things I get no downloads or any good information.

Does anyone know any simple tutorials I can follow, or videos. Or even if you can help me on this I would be grateful!

What I really basically want is a program that will output a GPIO signal when the button is pushed (as I said I can do that using the LXTerminal), this will open my door, I also have the plans so a reed switch will send a current back to the pi which when sensed the program will make the virtual LED widget light up, this tells me the door is open, and of course there is a few extra parts as well!

List of what I want to know:

  • What program to use and how to install to Raspberry Pi B+
  • What is the API for LED and sensing the button widget pushes or where can I read a list of APIs
  • Anything else I will need! (because I am very new to this)

Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps others as well!

Hi. Actually your kind of project is much harder with Raspberry than with an Arduino, for example.
So I would switch to Arduino.

Regarding your questions:
Blynk uses wiringPi library, so I suggest reading it’s documentation (how to program and get interrupts, etc).

Second option is, we’re now working on Python and Node.js libraries, which would simplify such tasks.
[But it will take some time…]
Are you familiar with Python or JS?

I am familiar Python. If you are working on that I will stay with just the button to work my project just now and will download the library for the python when you have completed it.

Just to say, you guys are creating a great app that I have always wanted. Thanks!


Python library is in the works…
However a Node.js implementation is available as pre-alpha…


Login to your Raspberry.
Download the blynk library files:
git clone git://

Then goto the following directory:
cd blynk-library/linux

Execute the batch file ./
This batch file creates an “blynk” executable.

Execute the blynk service with a token. The token wil be send from you project from your iPhone of Android phone.
sudo ./blynk -t