Copy Project

New to Blynk. This will become obvious very quickly…

I have a paid Blynk account that controls one ESP32 device that I built. I’ve contracted with a developer to build another ESP32 device for me and he utilized his own Blynk account to access and control that second device. I’d like to add the second device to my own paid Blynk account as well as copy the UI he created from his account to my own. How can I do this? I have looked online for a guide but found nothing. I need to demo this project in the morning and hope to get it running tonight.

If your developer is having a pro plan, then he can invite you to his organisation and you can control the device with the same UI.

I don’t think that is a viable long-term solution.
@jessbussert already has a paid account and having her project in another account that is controlled by someone else isn’t the way forward.


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