Convert Arduino Uno to Wifi board

Hi All
What’s the best way of turning my Arduino Uno board into a wireless board
There seem to be so many options I want to use Blynk
I have an Arduino Uno Wifi board but I cant use it with Blynk sketches I have been able to use it with Blynk as a usb serial board
Thanks to all

My advice, buy an ESP with a USB port.

NodeMCU or Wemos D1 mini. not at this stage i would recommend to dump the arduino uno and buy esp32.

Take care if you go for the ESP32 as the first batch they produced were “faulty” and the product is not as well supported as the ESP8266.ESP12’s are now the same price as ESP-01’s ($2) so avoid the 01 unless you absolutely need a tiny device with limited functionality.

Agree 100% with @Costas. Support base for the ESP8266 is more mature, it’s cheaper than the ESP32, and NodeMCU and Wemos D1 mini boards simplify the USB connection and upload process.

Please specify which board you are using.

He mentioned the Arduino Uno WiFi in the first post.

I’m sorry I can’t help as i am not familiar with this board.