Controlling two nodeMCU with two devices


So I am pretty new to all of this, and I have a project in mind for which I could use some help. This project involves being able to control two separate rgb LED stripes (which I assume can be done with two nodeMCU modules each with its own authentification token). However, I wanted to be able to control both of these LED stripes from two separate devices, being the LED stripes synced. Is that really possible?

One way could be to use Bridge from one device to send the same control values to the other device.

Okay I see. I was also wondering, the interface I have is a button to turn ON/OFF the LED stripes, and 3 sliders for the RGB. So if one “user” on device A increases let’s say the red slider, is there a way for the second “user” on device B to see this change?

Instead of using Blynk’s direct GPIO pin control, use virtual pins and code. Then, again, you can use Bridge to share information between App devices/projects. (although in theory, Bridge can also work with direct GPIO - I have never tried)

Since the App talks to the Server and the server to the Device, and the inverse from the Device through Server to App, the Bridge command from one device basically just tells the server to “control” another device by effectively spoofing that device’s App.

Oooh, ok I see. Thank you very much!!