Controlling Sonoffs

I’d like to control a bunch of Sonoffs via a home server. I was wondering if Blynk could be used for this. The idea is having a home server running 24/7 (a raspberry pi) and turn on/off lights through the smartphone.
Is Blynk the solution I am looking for? If yes, is there any crash course on how to achieve this?

Blynk is the solution but maybe look at the $5 WeMos D1 Mini rather than a Pi. Support is much stronger for development boards like the WeMos (using Arduino C++) than the options available with a Pi.

@Costas Actually I think the OP is referring to the RPi as the server, since the Sonoffs themselves are the ESP based devices to be controlled.

Yes totally possible!! Crash course? Well not so much as you might be referring to. Running through the Documentation, Help Center and Sketch Builder (all these links at the top of this screen… scroll up to see them) … as well as lots of Forum reading IS your crash course materials :slight_smile:

This forum is for us to share and advise as you do so.

I recommend you start with a few basics, using an Arduino or even better, a standalone ESP8266 - Wemos D1 Mini like @Costas mentioned, to get your starter experience setting up widgets and blinking LEDS via the App, learning how BlynkTimer works, connection management and so on…

Then get your Local Server running, that is a whole learning level of its own.

Finally, as you grow in experience, add in the Sonoffs. They are not really difficult, just a bit different in setup and programming, depending on model.

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you must re-flash the Sonoff with a new firmware utilizing blynk which is double , as sonoff don’t have any public API to talk to it.