Control volume of 3,5 mm audio cable

Hello. I want to control the volume of my speakers from my phone with the Blynk app. The speakers are wired up with a 3.5 mm jack. What components do I need, besides a microcontroller? Has someone done this before? Please help me get started, thanks!

Search for DIY mp3 players projects. And then choose the MCU with connectivity (wifi) to run it.

After you accomplish the sound part, Blynk will cover the control part. We even have a Music Player Widget for such project.

for stereo volume control, you will need a dual channel digital potentiometer. make sure it is designed for audio use, otherwise you can have trouble with clicks and noise when adjusting the volume. there are specially designed digital pots for this task, from well known manufacturers, like analog devices, maxim, texas, etc. google the topic, you can find a lots of info… actually, it shouldn’t be too complicated, you need the pot, an esp mcu, a clean vcc, and a properly designed pcb.

i wanted to design and build a small module for digital volume control, which one can install between the source and the amp, but didn’t got time so far to make it. maybe in the next year…