Control the specific location of a stepper motor

My setup is arduino uno board, driver, bipolar stepper motor, and a hc06 bluetooth module controlled by a android 8.0 phone. I am trying to control the specific location of a 315° 600 step bipolar stepper motor The only articles I have found only control the speed which i was able to make work with the slider button on the blynk app.
As controlling the specific location from the blynk app, I am not sure what code to include beside the simple blynk bluetooth hc05 or hc06 example in the arduino code program. As I am a noob to c programming. Any help on this is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Typo? I am sure my steppers rotate the full 360° :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Controlling a Stepper and it’s position, whether by counting steps in an open loop or using an encoder in a closed loop is all down to the code and various Stepper libraries.

None of that is Blynk related. Blynk only comes into play after the fact as the user interface.

Google about for all the various codes and examples on controlling steppers with Arduino…

Be aware that steppers require precise timing to control them, and that introducing Blynk can and will required use of Blynk Timer and timed functions instead of the “arduino way” of dumping everything in the loop… it can get tricky, but doable.