Control LCD via HTTP API?

I’m trying to use my PHP server to do all the heavy lifting from parsing NodeMCU values (via blynk’s GET API) and calculating percentages and updating PIN values using the blynk’s PUT API. This saves me from having to reflash the nodemcu, say if my water tank’s parameters change (height, alarm level, etc).

I’d love to use the LCD widget to show some data, but since I’m doing everything from my PHP server, is there an API call to update the LCD widget?

Hello. You can switch LCD to SIMPLE and PUSH mode and send values via regular PUT request.

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have a look on Node-red and which is a very easy to use and also has a great GUI programmable nodes with
less programming required.
and you will need to use this great Node with Node-red so you can do what ever you want with your Blynk connected hardware and that is using websockets which is faster and better that restful API which you are using , thanks to tzapu for the great contribution.

I’m trying to get this to work also. Can GET request be used? If so, can you post a quick sample? I’m trying


Thank you! Got it working.