Control Device option not available for Automation

Hello friends,
I’m finishing the migration to the new Blynk and I’m stuck on how to migrate Bridges.
I understood Bridges could be implemented by Automation, but my devices seem not available to Automations, as shown by the picture bellow.


I read all the documentation but I think it’s not paired with the current web version.
Could you please let me know how could I make my devices available for Automation?
Best regards.

Go to Templates > Automations and make your datastreams available to the automations.

Automations can’t fully replace Bridge though.


Hellow Pete.

Thanks for your response.

As you can see by the picture above, I have allowed the datastreams available to automation, but automations are only working only for notifications. The button Control is disabled, and that is my problem. How could I enable it?

The automation has been allowed as seen by the picture bellow

I tried to allow Automations according to documentation and Maria’s Youtube videos, but the option is not anymore present in the datastream properties.

Best regards.

As you can see type of automation is “sensor”
You cannot have an option of switch for sensor.

Hello Madhukesh,
Thanks for your response, the button Control now works!
The data is being transferred from one device to another.
But there’s another problem: Only a fixed value could be tranferred. I need to implement a variable data transfer like the old Bridge widget.
Please see my Automation implementation bellow, so you can understant what I meant to do.

That’s not possible.
the automation is just a trigger that will preform an action based on certain condition.
to send data between devices like the old blynk bridge widget, you can check this

Hi! Good to hear about the use of API.
I’ve tested MMQT in the past and it was another workaround.
Best regards !

But a better workaround that using the API in my opinion, provided you use it with Node-Red and the Blynk plug-in, use a single Blynk device in Node-Red and don’t run any Blynk code on your devices.


It’s not yet implemented. But it will be, eventually.