Control blynk from browser/PC

I don’t know if it is already possible but it would nice if you were able to access blynk through a webpage. This way you could control your hardware from every device that is able to open a webpage. Furthermore this would allow to use tasker with blynk, which was already mentioned in another thread.


Yeah, many people talk about web interface.

However, we believe in mobile and we think that in 1-2 years mobile will eat desktop significantly, so we decided to focus on the interfaces that are always with you - smartphones

It doesn’t mean that we never do it, but for now it’s very unlikely. Unless someone will tell us: "Hey, Blynk Team, I would like to develop a web service for you! "

@twobe - may be you? :wink:


i’m just getting my blynk projects up and running, but it occured to me as I was working on them that I should be able to get to my blynk project from the web as well… I figured it was just something I hadn’t figured out yet. However a quick search found this thread. I would add my vote to having a web based window to your blynk projects. I know the death of the desktop has been foretold for ages, but somehow I think it will still be with us for a while. there is no way in God’s green Earth I would try and type anything on a smartphone… I’d rather pick up a chisel and stone :wink:

Got here from Google… this would be a great idea!
I mean, its just Java after all… should be simple (for a developer) to create a plugin for a browser or standalone app.

I often forgot to change my phone and when it goes dead I have to stop creating.

Any awesome devs out there wanna give it a shot?

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maybe something like this (one day…) could get us what you describe:

If you had a chromebook, you’ll be fine today (perhaps)!

Some time ago, I tried running blynk with archon on chrome on my ubuntu laptop, it came up but was not able to connect it to the net:


I got Blynk running on windows with bluestacks.

But I’d really like to see a webinterface, too.

I mean yeah, mobile device are pretty much everywhere. Sitting on the couch grabbing your tablet, reading stuff, posting a bit.
But what about us, the tinkerers? Could you imagine programming your arduino or your esp8266, your intel edison or whatever from your tablet?
I know there is an arduino android app, which I haven’t tested to date. And yeah I have used a CP2102 on my android tablet with a serial console app.
And google did a big step with implementing multiwindow support in android 7 towards productivity. But I think we are far away from a “productivity tablet” other than ms surface which runs windows and does not have a blynk-app.

We have made simple web interface.not a Blynk official.

If you are a web developer you are welcome to develop this interface .


I came here looking on google for the web interface, I thought it was included.
Ok, the mobile devices are going to grow definitely, but as Andre_Wa said, the developer and the DIY people will keep using the desktop pc with LCD with decent inches, keyboard and mouse. I can’t imagine using the smartphone for my DIY. I’m loving the Blynk for the tutorials that I’ve seen, but if I have to us it only on mobile devices…well, it’s not a platform for me.
Hey, this doesn’t want to be criticism, at all. just my point of view.

@andre_x web interface is on it’s way



Wow! That would be awesome!

Awesome! :slight_smile: :+1: I’ve been using iobridge for probably the last 5 years but the controllers are more limited than arduino and support has ended. in upgrading my home automation, Blynk has handsomley solved the phone app side of it but there was a nice web interface with iobridge which would be great to see on Blynk.

I have a touchscreen PC in the kitchen at home which the kids use for homework and other stuff - that way I can keep an eye on what they are up to on the internet as well as some home automation information. I don’t see that usage model changing any day soon. There will be no tablets / phones in bedrooms! :wink:

Any update on progress?

the thought of blynk on Bluestacks crossed my mind too for a windows browser based solution. Does that work OK?

Yes, BlueStacks works fine with the App I use it all the time. Be aware though that BlueStacks is based on VirtualBox, so if you run that on your (Mac in my case) it could interfere with the regular operation of VirtualBox

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I’ve also tested NOX. It runs faster on my PC and works good with local blynk server.

That would be amazing, although I agree with a mobile only approach, when developing is very convenient to only change between windows to see what you’re doing

Just checking on the status ? Look forward to the web interface … @Dmitriy


@omer there are already some usable web interfaces. From what I have seen of Blynk’s version I don’t think it’s what some are expecting it to be.

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Can you tell me how you run Blynk on bluestacks I am trying it for weeks!!!

@Daghan_Efe_Baris This is the “How to use Blynk forum” not the “How to use Emulators” forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I currently use NOX and have used MEmu and Droid4X… and they all work the same as on any Android phone. Install emulator (that is for you to figure out), setup/signup your Google Play account, search for and install Blynk, create/signup your Blynk account and start using it :wink: