Control arduino uno pin by esp01 and blynk

Hi blynker
I want control arduino uno pins by esp01 and otherWord i want use esp01 as arduino shiled. i use blynk 0.6.1 and also i installed blynk_Relase_v0.3.8 library.

[Unformatted code removed by moderator]

When try compile or upload above code this error occured:

C:\Users\Sazgar\Doucument\arduino\library\BlynkEsp8266_lib\Esp8266.cpp:fatal error: avr/pgmspace.h :No such file or directory
Compilatoin terminated.
exist status 1
Error compiling for board Generic Esp8266 Moduls.

Please help me whats problam and how to i fix it?

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Please try again.

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@arn, as you haven’t been back to fix your code formatting, or check for feedback, I’ve removed your unformatted code from your post.
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Maybe you’re missing to put “SoftwareSerial” before EspSerial(2, 3);

There are a large number of issues with what @arn is doing, but until he sorts-out the formatting of his code I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.


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i know. it’s really unreadable