Control a Blynk device from a program instead of an app

Hello there.

I’m wondering if it’s possible control a Blynk device over the internet from a program written and run on a PC? Is there some kind of library or API that achieves the same?

Thanks in advance

As per the documentation -

There is the Android/IOS App (which will be required to setup an account and make a project), but then you can use the HTTP RESTful API to control your project from a browser.

Thanks for the reply :smiley:

If so then is it possible to send notifications to the website and communicate coordinates (mine uses GPS) with it from the device?

Also if I created a program that controls the website and run the program from my PC, will the website accept requests from my program or will it recognise my device as a bot add deny access?

Not sure it these examples are what you are looking for, but check them out:

That I don’t know… but I suppose you could always load up a Local Server to give yourself better control:

What would the link to control the Arduino look like?

Also there are examples for Ethernet and standalone ESP8266.I presume it will work fine for a UNO connected to wifi using ESP8266 right?

As long as the hardware is properly connected to the server and you have all the correct auth codes and commands, then I would suspect it will work just fine. But as I don’t use the API myself, all I can suggest is try it and find out.