Contact support

Is there a contact for support with regard to logging in?
I am trying to login to my account via website, but it keeps saying my password or email is wrong, but I can log in (community) here and use the app as usual,
I have gone through the “forgot password” route, but I don’t receive the email (not caught by spam) to reset.
I know my email, I know my password but keep going around in circles and can’t contact any support.


The community login is totally unconnected to the Blynk login.

Are you using Blynk Legacy or Blynk IoT (if you don’t know the difference then tell us which app version you are using).


Hi Pete,

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
I’m guessing I am using Blynk Legacy as I have been using Blynk from the start, when backing it as a Kickstarter project.
I’m running V2.26.8 on my iPhone. I’ve not used it for a while and wanted to IoT things again. Does this mean my account is no longer valid?


That’s Blynk Legacy.

The web dashboard is a Blynk IoT only feature.

The Blynk Legacy and Blynk IoT systems are totally unconnected.

Legacy has the Legacy app and the Legacy cloud servers.
IoT has the IoT app, the IoT servers and the IoT web dashboard.

You can’t log in to the IoT web dashboard using your Legacy credentials, as the IoT system has never heard of you. That’s why, if you do “forgot password” in the IoT web dashboard you don’t get a password reset email - because there is no IoT account with your password on the IoT servers.

If your Legacy app still works then no, your Legacy account is still valid, but at some point in the future the Legacy servers will be turned off and your Legacy app will stop working.
I’d suggest that you create an IoT account and begin manually migrating your Legacy project(s) across to IoT.