Connectivity issue


I have a small automation that controls a motor and I used Blynk for control over the Internet. The idea was to use the ESP8266 to connect to my home router so I had the required connectivity.
Everything worked perfectly near my computer. However, when I wanted to put the automation in place the wifi signal strength was not enough for it to connect to my WiFi network .
The easiest solution I could find was to use an old Android phone as a wifi repeater via an app called NetShare. However, it requires a proxy : NetShare - Android Proxy setup

How can I do the connection now? Does Blynk have a proxy support?

The code I used for the connection is:

char auth[] = BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN;
char ssid_backup1[] = “111111”;
char pass_backup1[] = “111111”;
Blynk.begin(auth, ssid_backup1, pass_backup1);


I’m not sure if this is gonna work or not, but have you tried something like this

Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, IPAddress(, 8282);

Looks like it wasn’t the easiest solution after all.

The problem with hotspots created by phones is that they often block some of the ports/protocols that are used by Blynk, so you’re far better using a proper wireless access point/repeater.

When you do this, the best solution is to have the same SSID and password used in all the wireless access points throughout your network, so that devices can connect to whichever access point they can see, using the same credentials.
How you achieve that depends on your physical layout and your existing network, but the most satisfactory solution is always to have a hard-wired connection between your router and your wireless access point(s) that are acting as repeaters.


Thank you but that doesn’t work. Once you do that, it seems it looks for that IP/PORT as a local server of Blynk, not as a proxy through which to connect to the Internet.

Thank you for the answer Pete. Indeed, it just looked like the easiest solution. I just ordered a cheap TPLink router to use as a repeater (on the Android phone, put in the same place as the ESP8266, I have 1 line of signal strength for the wifi, that should improve with the repeater).