Connection of aurdino board with esp8266 esp-01

guys i am working on a project to fetch data from sensor and send it to the blynk server using esp8266 esp-01 module and i am facing a lot of problem in connection…need u ppl to help…plz tell me step-by-step connection

Hi. Have you looked though There are a lot of info + instructables.

yes…i already reffered that link given by you…the problem i’m facing that it is not getting connected and not reading the ip address of system

guys i need help…plz help me to sort out this issue

Firstly, have you setup a basic USB connection as a test? It will help you understand how blynk works:

Here are detailed instructions i found somewhere:
"–Install the Blynk library
Step 1
Launch the Blynk app. At the Hex nut icon (beside the play icon), send a copy of the authentication token to your email. Copy this token code from your email.

Step 2
Open up arduino IDE and go to the examples tab and find the BlynkBlink sketch.
The ONLY thing you need to do here is to input your token code. It should come with the " " as well. so mine is

char auth[] = “d87c6fb696bc32hsg1dc16c5b73643b3”;

Then upload the sketch. No need to open Serial monitor.

Step 3
Locate this file “blynk-ser.bat” in the scripts folder.(Program Files-- Arduino–Libraries–Blynk–scripts) Right click and edit the file with notepad. Here i change ONLY 1 THING, on the 6th line(inclusive of blank spaces) to COM7. (because that is the port my arduino is connected on). Then save and exit,

Final step.
Double click on the blynk-ser.bat you just edited.
This will launch a cmd. window. Next, you press the play symbol on the Blynk app and it will work. BAM.

Hope this works for you."

Then this detailed tutorial on esp8266+arduino may help:

thanks srijal it’s working bro

Replay to Srijal :

Similar to My Problem but this solution make you need computer always connect to Ardunino

Problem you need to Run .bat all time
so when u unplug arduino from pc

the .bat no there any more

i think this is look like “interfacing” not embedded system

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