Connection Issues

With the help of Pavel, I have been able to install the latest version of the app. It connects very easily, the first time and the project is saved. I have noticed a few issues. Most important, when the screen on my phone times out, I am losing the connection to my project. I must close out the app and restart the sketch to regain my connection. I have created 8 switches and 8 Value displays for my project. All of the Value displays are updating at the correct intervals as I have programmed them to do in the app. I noticed there is now a digital pin option for the value display, thanks! In the future, will we be able to control what value the Value display widget displays (example F degrees or Volts)?


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We are working on reconnection issues. There should be some improvements, but still lots of room for improvement.

Yes, we plan to add some extra information for Value Display. However, even now, you can write short code on Arduino and push any string to value display via Virtual Pin. Check examples on how to do that.

Tell us if you have succeded with this and how easy/hard was that


Ill keep you posted’


The connection is much better now after your server update. I have been running my Value Displays now since yesterday afternoon. Everything is still connected and updating nicely.


Glad to hear that.

Thanks for your updates!


The server changes the team made have worked well. Since that and the new release, connection issues for me have been non-existent. My app has been running continually now for roughly 36 hours. Updates to my Value Displays are taking place as expected. To further validate this, I can tell you that where I live, Sprint’s network is very sketchy at best. Depending on where I am (house, barn, etc) I can go from 1x service to LTE and anywhere in between. I even made a trip to town yesterday and remained connected. Obviously the upgrades have been successful for me.


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Cool! Have fun.


I am currently having similar connection issues as first described in this post, is there a reconnect/disconnect function? In other libraries I’ve been able to count the number of reconnection attempts and reset the arduino if a max number as been reached - do you have any advice on disconnecting/reconnecting?


do you use the latest iOS app version?

@Dmitriy i seem to be having a different kind of connection/reconnection set of issues.
if i mash a button that reads a digital pin and writes a virtual one, after about 3-4 fast presses the esp watch dog timer kicks in and restarts the esp.
also quite a few times after stoping and starting the project in the app using the play/stop button i get the app restart as well on the esp…
it s good that at least it restarts not locks but figured i d report it


When you say app restart, you mean crash or what?

@Dmitriy too many apps:)
What i meant is that the esp8266 resets because of the watchdog timer when doing the above in the actual ios app. The ios app seems stable to me. I was also having (i think) less esp resets before the ios update bit not 100% sure on that

I just updated it today. Will launch my sketch tonight and monitor connection thru the day tomorrow to see if that solved the issue!


Doesnt seem to be resolved for me, I get about 20min-30min of connection then my sketch seems to no longer be connected to blynk.

Here’s a copy of the last things to be written to the serial monitor with debug enabled. I am set to 9600 BAUD.

[362320] Heartbeat
[362320] <msg 6,459,0
[362342] >msg 0,459,200
[365700] <msg 20,460,8
[365701] <msg 20,461,12
[365711] <msg 20,462,12
[365753] <msg 20,463,12
[365794] <msg 20,464,12
[365836] <msg 20,465,12

My last connection was up for about 2 hours, I reset it and it lasted 6 minutes. I’m not sure if the debug is really helpful here.

[363021] Heartbeat
[363021] <msg 6,462,0
[363041] >msg 0,462,200
[365600] <msg 20,463,8
[365601] <msg 20,464,12
[365612] <msg 20,465,12
[365654] <msg 20,466,12
[365694] <msg 20,467,12
[365736] <msg 20,468,12

I have noticed thorough out testing that response times are slow when first logging in to my project. After the first response is received and processed, the next are amazingly quick. However, as noted by tzapulica, after 4 requests, everything slows down again until the last request is processed. Then the speed picks up again.


Hi guys, i m away on holiday and left an esp with blynk back home to take care of watering the plants. I have noticed the following:
-Ios app is stable, no crashes or anything.
-Connection/disconnection indicators for both ios app and blynk enabled mcu could be a lot better
-the esp8266 resets a lot when one of the following happens: i press a button too many times, i stop and start the workflow in the ios app, the ios app is killed in background and it starts up from scratch on the phone, resuming the workflow.
-i had some more controls in the app(temp, humidity, graph) that i had to remove otherwise the esp would be resetting so much it was unusable
-it seems to me that if the mcu looses connection to the internet when a timer widget is on, it will never go off. This is potentially very problematic when the mcu controls something and should have soms kind of timeout, i ll have to code my own, until then can t use timer either

I hope the above observations help, will do more playing when back

I have been working on a similar project with you. Control a stepper motor to plant flowers with relay as switch. Also it monitors Temp/Humi by DHT22. I try to use a slider on Blynk to control the stepper… But it often restarts ESP8266. I find reading DHT22 also affects the performance a lot, maybe because it takes seconds to reading the sensor on ESP. The same problem with clicking on buttons. Hope Blynk team can resolve the restarting issue.

We made few improvements in last library in order to avoid restarts. So you could try latest library version. It may help.