Connecting to my local server from another network

Hi there !

blynk legacy

I would like to connect an esp8266 and blynk to a server on another network.

I have two houses, I have my local server in my house 1 and would like to connect my ESP8266 to it from my house 2

I currently have a domain name linked to my server which allows me to consult it via the application. I tried via the same domain name to connect to the administration interface, it does not work.
Can someone tell me why the blynk application connects but I can’t connect to my administration interface?


Its better you migrate to the new platform. Why are you putting so much of effort for something that is about to stopped? I know you can still use the app with local server. But after few os updates, even the app will crash or not work. Its already removed from the stores and cannot be reinstalled.

@CharlesTestas is using Blynk to run a cannabis grow farm (or possibly two now). Maybe that explains some of his choices?


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I know, that’s why I already anticipated these changes. But for the moment having many system working with Blynk, the cost of a migration with subscription would be too important. And I also want to run all of this on a private network so I don’t depend on an internet connection. Like the home automation of my house, some adaptation due to my handicap, and some artistic project.

Hi Pete, nice to have you back. I thought you would never reply to my posts again.

It’s not the only use I have of Blynk and luckily I got bored quickly! This part of my project has been over for a while. And without reopening the debate, the cultivation of CBD is legal in my country.

I haven’t been away, unlike you…

So how do you think the communication between your new site and your existing Blynk local server is going to work?

But it’s not in my country, which is why I feel that it is inappropriate, and potentially illegal, for me to provide information which enables this elsewhere. Hence why I’ve not answered your question.


This is only the explanation of why I stay on the legacy

I don’t understand why the application connects to my server, my ESPs too and despite that I can’t connect to the administration interface from my house 2

That comment makes no sense in relation to my question.
However, as I’ve said I’m not engaging in this discussion, so goodbye!