Connecting to a private college wifi network with nodemcu

I;m using nodemcu with blynk in my project and everything was good until I realized that i need to connect to my university wifi. the proces of signing is you select ssid “AASTSTUDENT” then you enter your email “”
then you enter the password .
that issue here that in the blunk libraries we only enter the ssid and password . any ideas ?

You can connect your device manually (if it in fact CAN connect to you WiFi network) and then call Blynk.config(auth) to initiate Blynk.

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That is completely different authentication method. Perhaps WPA Enterprise?? You are on your own, I guess. And it is NOT a Blynk related question. It is not an issue or error either - just another way of connecting to wifi. And wifi connection is ESP/Arduino core dependant…

Have you tried connecting your phone or laptop to the university Wi-Fi then creating your own hotspot, with a different SSID and password?
This should route traffic through university network, via your phone/laptop.


@PeteKnight Doing so is compromising network security, so they mostly prohibit this.

@PeteKnight @vshymanskyy , also when i use celluar hotspot , it connects to the internet but refuse to connect to the blynk and displays . [98745] Login timeout

If you use cellular hotspot, you may need to increase BLYNK_TIMEOUT_MS:

you can put on top of your sketch:

#define BLYNK_TIMEOUT_MS 10000

should i include BlynkConfig.h in the code also ?

#define BLYNK_TIMEOUT_MS 15000 , even tried with 20000 and it didn’t work still login timeout.
I’m using blynk 0.5.1 on nodemcu and the there is update i think do you there is a need to use the updated one 0.5.3