Connecting tiles / templates to existing Blynk dashboards

The tiles / templates widget seems like a great way to wrangle several projects together into a single dashboard. However, I was frustrated to find that when selecting a device, the only option available is a new project. Couldn’t you allow it to reference existing Blynk dashboards, as well?

Device tiles is a list of devices, not projects. For that, it serves it’s purpose.

Project - list of tiles - device tile - device dashboard

You are referring to some kind of a new widget, but I’m not sure how it’s different from Blynk app itself, containing all your projects…

Thanks, @Pavel

My mistake. I thought the tiles were intended to give quick access to widgets from multiple dashboards. On further inspection, I see that they make possible the control of multiple devices of different types from a single dashboard, and offer an alternative presentation layer for existing widget types. That’s some impressive work!

The “new kind of widget” that I described would use that alternative presentation layer as a way to quickly access information and controls across several dashboards - sort of a meta-dashboard. For example, currently, if I want to switch between my thermostat and automated blinds dashboards, I have to tap the dashboard switcher icon, swipe…swipe…swipe, select the blinds dashboard, and finally, I can tap the switch to lower the blinds.

In a perfect world, I would have had the foresight to build all of my home automation projects on a single dashboard, and the current implementation of tiles would provide that shortcut between projects. However, the early Blynk dashboard was a single page, no tabs, no scrolling, no scalable widgets, and no tiles; so each project (blinds, lights, thermostat, etc.) really needed its own dashboard.

So I guess you could add the meta-dashboard / multi-project-tiles to my Blynk wish list. :slight_smile:

Well, from your description, Device Tiles is a perfect fit for everything you described.

Thermostat will be a Level Tile
Blinds can be a Level or Button Tile.

You should really consider trying it out as a home dashboard.

Yes, it would be perfect. The downside is that I’d have to reprogram all of my devices. :stuck_out_tongue:

Evolution doesn’t stand still. Things should evolve :slight_smile: