Connecting Particle Electron to local server

Im trying to connect my particle electron to my local blynk server over 4G.
I had this working last year with the legacy bynk cloud servers on port 8442.
I have multiple devices running fine locally that are connected to the local server on port 8081 (redirects to 8080, using docker container).

Should it be as simple as just port forwarding port 8081 for the electron to be able to connect to the local server ?
I tried multiple ports that i all forwarded but can’t get the electron to connect.
I forwarded port 9443 and the app is able to connect fine (from outside LAN).

Any ideas what im doing wrong ?

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial  // Set serial output for debug prints
#define BLYNK_DEBUG       // Uncomment this to see detailed prints
#include <blynk.h>

SerialLogHandler logHandler;

void setup()
{"Hello World!");
  Serial.begin(9600);"Last World!");
  Blynk.begin("XXXXXX", IPAddress(XX, XX, XX, XX), 8081);"Hello World Again!");

void loop()

I’m not a Particle guy, but I would have expected more code to be needed to get the device connected to the internet via GSM, but I might be wrong.

It looks like here…

that you’re specifying your internal IP address of your Blynk local server.
If that’s the case then that IP address won’t be resolveable by a device outside of the network, which is what would be happening if you use a GSM connection.

If you’re actually using your public (WAN side) IP address in this Blynk.begin command then is this a static IP? If not then are you sure it’s not changed during your testing process?


public static ip, and this is enough code, electron connects fine to the internet. I can access it using the particle app. Just isn’t able to connect to the blynk local server

i fixed it.
I told the particle to go to port 6666 and added 6666:8081 in my port maps.
For some reason port 8081 doesn’t want to work.