Connecting NodeMCU with Blynk app

I am using NodeMcu as wifi module. I would like to create own dash board for my server using nodered server . Can someone guide me how can i link using nodemcu with node red.

I wanted to use Nodemcu only for node red websockets.

Few pages to read:

I use Node-Red with the Blynk ws contrib from @gab.lau
I don’t run any Blynk specific code on my NodeMCU devices, just MQTT code to communicate with my Node-Red server. All the Blynk magic happens within Node-Red. I use the Blynk cloud server.
All of this works very well, and I run a fairly complex home automation setup this way.

The one thing I would say is that I dint really like the Node-Red dashboard. It’s very clunky and if you also want to have controls on your dashboard that mirror your Blynk widgets then that gets quite messy. It was the poor Node-Red dashboard that led me in the direction of Blynk.

If you’re planning on running Node-Red on a Raspberry Pi or similar and don’t already have one built then I’d reccomended Peter Scargill’s (@scargill) script:


Which is best platform to develop own dashboard that can be easily integrated with nodemcu & blynk app, Bynk hardware.

Which will have more option like Node red

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